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Read summarized content, focus in the moment, and save things for later.


Cut through the noise.

With Fraction's real-time content summarization you can cut through the noise within seconds. We highlight important sentences directly on the webpage, so you never lose the context. Everything happens in the blink of an eye, as you browse the web.

You save time by reading just a fraction of the original content. And since sentences are highlighted inline, you can always peek in the front or back to get the full comprehension.

Save 30+ hours every month.

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Focus in the moment.

The web is filled with obtrusive advertisements, 3rd party trackers, and a lot of popups. It's getting progressively harder to read without distractions. Fraction is a breath of fresh air.

It turns any messy page into a clean, readable and consistent looking document.

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Save anything for later.

You're all too familiar with the drill. You can't avoid opening a lot of tabs but you may get back your sanity by offloading them into Fraction.

Save everything you find and organize them masterfully with labels. Send them to Kindle, annotate them. And, search through your archives with robust full-text search.

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...and even more

Send to Kindle

Take your articles with you on the device that is meant to read deliberately by clicking just a single button. With Fraction you can send individual articles or even club multiple ones.

Dark mode

Read without hurting your eyes from dusk till dawn. With Fraction's built in dark mode not only your articles but everything looks absolutely phenomenal during dark hours.

Annotate & Remember

Reading is often simple, retaining facts isn't. You can highlight, annotate and search for your notes. With Fraction, you remember everything you read.

Powerful Search

Looking for an article you saved last summer? Now you can. With Fraction's powerful full-text search you can find anything and everything on a moment's notice.

Personal Archive

Websites go down all the time. Your information shouldn't. With Fraction all your pages are saved and permanently archived. So you retain a copy of the content even when it's vanished from the Internet.


Create as many labels as you want and associate them with your favorite emoji. With Fraction, you can organize everything masterfully into collections and share them on the Internet.

It's something you didn't know you needed until you do.

It's time to stop Information Pollution.

Information pollution is a huge drain on our collective intellectual resources. We've surpassed our design constraint to consume information.

We're taking a stand against the ever increasing content. Fraction is different. We don't recommend. No email spam. We don't use dark patterns to feed you unsolicited information.

Read the Manifesto.

Build ethically

Afraid you won't use Fraction? Or if it will become just another service you pay for and never use?

Worry no more. Fraction comes with a browser extension which will always be a click away. We periodically email you your old saved & unread articles.

We believe in building the product ethically. We'll reach out to you and cancel the subscription if you ever stop using Fraction.

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