Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fraction?

Fraction is a web service that helps you read better and faster on the web. Here's how: With summarization you can cut through the noise faster, annotate and save text snippets, organize content with labels, focus read with distractions, and save things for later.

How do I pronounce Fraction?

Try pronouncing it as Fraction /ˈfrakʃ(ə)n/.

Who created Fraction?

This guy.

What is your mission?

There's just too much to read. Junk information has taken over our lives. We're always catching up when it comes to reading. With real-time summarization, I wanted to create the best reading experience for the web. Fraction is my first shot at it.

Read the manifesto for more.

What is up with the name - "Fraction"?

Long story short -- I liked the word Fraction. So, made up a non-word which sounded almost the same but spelled differently.
I was looking for:
- Single word
- Has a strong X sound
- Is a non-english word or barely a word in any language
- .com domain available

Are my saved pages cached forever?

Yup. Forever and ever.

Is it a product owned by Google, Microsoft or Facebook?

No. Actually, quite the opposite. Fraction is owned and produced 100% by a single person.

How do Fraction summarize things?

Summarization is a huge topic to cover. Hang on tight, I am writing an explanatory article on it.

If you must know, it is based on ranking sentences in an article in the same way Google ranks webpages on the Internet. Google calls it PageRank, this is called TextRank. 🤓

I would like to promote my product, service or myself on Fraction.

Great! Please shoot an email to rajat [at] usefraction [dot] com

I'd like a refund.

Thanks for trying Fraction out. I really appreciate it. It's sad to see you go. Please email support [at] usefraction [dot] com and I'll take care of it. Peace ✌️

I can't login.

If you are not receiving the magic link, check the spam folder. Otherwise feel free to mail us at support [at] usefraction [dot] com.

I want to delete all my data.

You can delete all your data by going to User Settings -> Danger Zone.

I would like to interview Fraction or its founder.

I am all for it. Email me, will ya? rajat [at] usefraction [dot] com, or reach me on twitter @thisisrajat.

How did this site get started?

It's called scratching your own itch. I was fed up with all the services out there. Read the manifesto for more detail.

Do you have an API?

It's a work in progress . Hang tight, API is coming soon.

Do you have summarization API?

We have. Email me if you want to use it or know more. rajat [at] usefraction [dot] com.

Why isn't Fraction free?

Here's a harsh reality: When you're not paying, you're the product.

I believe in building a product ethically & sustainably, and asking for money is one of the hard things I have to face. Otherwise, I don't know for how long I can keep Fraction afloat. Paid plan incentivises me to work hard and improve Fraction as a service.

Everybody makes money from somewhere. With Fraction, I choose to ask for it upfront. I don't sell your information, log what you're reading, recommend or feed you unsolicited information. Servers, processing power, storing information all cost real hard dollars. Fraction is *not* a VC funded startup. I don't have cash to burn on the name of user acquisition. Nor I plan to raise a round of funding for it.

During the time of writing, Fraction do have a "free tier" but it comes with a limited storage. That's the best I can do for now. Thanks for being understanding.

What is your tech stack?

Please don't obsess over tech stack. Most of the things are off-the-rack solutions and can be replaced with PHP or any other language.

- Web server: Node.js
- Frontend: React
- Database: Postgres
- Summarization Engine: Python
- Cache and Background jobs queuing: Redis
- Reverse Proxy: Nginx
- Background Queue: Bull in Node
- Host: Linode

What is on the roadmap?

A lot of cool stuff, including the mobile apps. Hang tight, we'll share more soon.

I'd want to support this project!

Thank you! Your support helps me to build Fraction sustainably. Please Login and then head over to Pricing to pay for a plan. 🥳

I'd like to report a bug.

Whoops! That's embarrasing. Shoot an email with steps to reproduce it: support [at] usefraction [dot] com. Thanks a ton! 😇

I'd like to suggest a feature.

Well thank you for caring about Fraction! We'll love to incorporate it. Shoot an email: support [at] usefraction [dot] com.